Fresh Breath Treatment

There is now good news for bad breath! The Closys ll System is a science-based treatment of halitosis (bad breath). Closys ll is endorsed & promoted by many leading world lecturers based in the USA.

Additionally, it was awarded the enormously prestigious accolade of “CRA Outstanding Products 2003” – so it has impressed some tough critics.

Q. Why do we get bad breath?

In the vast majority of cases, bad breath originates in the mouth, not the stomach or the lungs. Anaerobic bacteria convert proteins in exfoliated dead cells from the lining of the mouth, proteins we consume (fish, eggs, milk, vegetables, meat), and proteins from dead bacteria into volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs). These VSCs smell putrid and cause halitosis (bad breath).

Q. How does the Closys ll system work?

Closys ll products contain Chlorine dioxide, a powerful oxidizing agent. This breaks down to release oxygen. Oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria and destroys VSCs unlike other mouthwashes. It does not simply disguise a bad odour with a pleasant one, it actually eliminates it, and the effect lasts for hours.

Q. Is it safe?

Closys ll has full FDA approval in the US and is available without a prescription.

Halitosis will be worse if…

  1. Your mouth becomes dry, therefore it is important to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day.
  2. The acidity of your saliva is higher than normal (this is something you have no control over).
  3. The bacteria balance of your mouth is “wrong” with an increase of anaerobic bacteria. This can happen in cases of gum disease so it is important you maintain good gum health by visiting your dentist regularly.
  4. Post nasal drip occurs. Mucus falling off the back of the pink wobbly thing at the back of the throat (uvula) on to the tongue can be a major cause of halitosis as the mucus contains protein. Tongue scraping is therefore essential every morning.

Daily Bad Breath Prevention Regime:

  1. Brush teeth thoroughly in the morning, with Closys ll toothpaste. Concentrate on brushing the margins of the gums, where the teeth and gums meet. Bacteria accumulate in the “gutters” around the teeth.
  2. Brush between your teeth using an interdental brush, then smell it to appreciate the need to do this. Dip the interdental brush in Closys ll mouth rinse or smear with a little Closys ll toothpaste for better results. (Note: You might not think you can get anything between your teeth but you will be surprised, especially at the back). Use the largest six possible, without causing discomfort.
  3. Floss between the teeth, this removes bacteria and food debris and also allows oxygen to get below the gum to destroy VCs and kill bacteria. Be gentle.
  4. Scrape the tongue. Hold the tongue with something made of cotton (gauze, flannel, towel etc.). Do not use paper as it will disintegrate. Hold the tongue out and steady. Place the tongue scraper as far back as possible and scrape forwards firmly, holding the tongue all the time. You may gage initially but the gag reflex subsides quickly. Repeat the scraping until you have covered the whole surface of the tongue, especially towards the back, this is a major source of halitosis.
  5. Sloosh vigorously with Closys ll mouth rinse. Shake the bottle and pour one capful. (This is all you need). Rinse thoroughly for one whole minute (time yourself). Ensure you bathe the back of the tongue.
  6. Closys ll is unflavoured which allows it to be sloshed for the required one minute without any burning sensation associated with other, mainly alcohol based mouthwashes and it doesn’t destroy the taste sensation, or leave an after taste so you can enjoy a meal or a drink immediately after rinsing. The effect lasts for hours so a morning slosh is effective for most of the day.

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