Cosmetic Gum Surgery

No More Gummy or Long-in-the-Tooth Smile

Cosmetic gum surgery corrects your gum line, particularly if too much of your gums are showing when you smile.  This procedure is heaven-sent for many who have grown too conscious not only of smiling but also of talking and laughing. For some people, this has even developed into a serious inferiority complex.

In a cosmetic gum surgery, anesthesia needs to be applied, but only on the area where the procedure will be done. With a scalpel or laser equipment, the gum that covers the teeth will be trimmed or reshaped. The surgery cut generally heals quickly, but if a laser device is used, blood vessels are also sealed immediately so excessive bleeding is avoided.

In some cases, additional dental procedures need to be done. For instance, if the dentist thinks that the gum will go too far down on the teeth, some of the bone that holds the teeth in its roots may be removed also. For other patients, dental crowns or veneers may be needed to make their teeth look perfect.

Cosmetic gum surgery is also prescribed for people who have a receding gum line, which is usually a sign of aging or poor dental hygiene. Being ìlong in the toothî often results to tooth sensitivity and having an uneven gum line. As gum recession makes the sensitive root vulnerable, youíll find it harder to eat or drink hot or cold items. Decay and plaque are also more likely to occur if you have a receding gum line.

In the case of a gum recession, cosmetic gum surgery will also start with a local anesthesia. The dentist will take a piece of gum tissue from your palate and place it on the area that has receded. The procedure also aims to slow down the gumís shrinkage and to give improved general health of the gums. All these health benefits are in addition to the dramatic improvement of your smile.

This procedure usually cost more than other cosmetic dental solutions. A gum specialist has higher fees than a general dental practitioner. Also, the fee for the surgery would depend on how difficult it is or, put simply, how much gum tissue needs to be removed or shaped.

However, this procedure does not only make your teeth look better, but also make them healthier. If you think you have a gummy smile, a gum recession, or extra-sensitive teeth, you might need to have cosmetic gum surgery. It would give you a brighter and healthier smile.

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